Němec's Farmers Dairy
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In 1994, the business was extended by a farmers dairy where dairy products are produced with a stress on a high quality and according to traditional methods. Since 2010 the most of the production has being sold within the service Milk from the Farm.

Vinořská 254, 250 73 Radonice, CIN: 256 80 421, VAT: CZ256 80 421

Dairy and its history

The dairy albeit formally independent, is an integral part of the company. Every day about 6 000 litres of milk is processed in the dairy. The assortmentt consists of 15 products such as fresh milk, cheeses, cheese spread, yogurt and yogurt drinks, curd and curd spreads, butter, kefir and whey drinks. Till 2010 the company focused only to production of “Balkan” cheese, around 40-50 tons of the cheese were produced every month. In the year 2010, the company radically changed its strategy and transformed its assortment and the was how the products were sold to customers by launching the new service Milk from the Farm. Nowadays the most of the production is sold through that service.

The project “Milk from the Farm” was set up in the year 2010 by farmers Stanislav Němec and Jan Miller. The milk is milked on the Miller’s farm and under a strict veterinary control processed to final products in the Němec’s Farmers Dairy. The products are distributed directly to customers by own delivery trucks. Another milk come from private farms of Brodský family from Nehvizdy, Roubíček family from Stará Boleslav and Mr. Strnad from Rostoklaty. Our salesmen with delivery trucks serve around 15 000 customers on 1 500 selling stations every week.

In 2012, products worth nearly 50 mil CZK from 2,2 mil litres of milk were manufactured. The operation is under permanent veterinary inspection and fully corresponds to all EU standards.

The company holds the international certificate of HACCP system and in the year 2003, the products “Balkan cheese” and “Balkan cheese in salty pickle” received from the minister of agriculture of the Czech Republic the national quality award KLASA.

In 2013 the dairy was awarded by the Comenius Foundation as one of the 100 best “Agricultural and Food” Czech firms

In 2014, the dairy received The Company of the Year 2014 Prize in the Central Bohemia Region and, together with other regional winners, moved to the national finals. (About Company of the Year contest)


We produce for you everyday the products of the highest quality. You can buy them on some of our regular selling stations within the service Milk from the Farm. Discover the difference between white water in a box and real milk!


Our projects

Mléko z farmy

Every day we prepare the freshest products for you. Our goal is to produce the highest quality products from Czech raw materials and without added chemistry.

Mléko z farmy

Your first online farmer's marketplace right at your doorstep. Mobile farm marketplace with over 1,700 sales stops.


Němec's Farmers Dairy Radonice, Ltd.

Address: Vinořská 254, 250 73 Radonice
Tel.: +420 721 909 804

CIN: 256 80 421, VAT: CZ256 80 421

Bank account: 40 000 11840/7940
Waldviertler Sparkasse, Jindřichův Hradec

Bank account: 270 416 810 277/0100
Komerční Banka, Praha 9

Ing. Stanislav Němec, MBA

Tel.: +420 602 217 209

Ing. Hana Němcová

Tel.: +420 602 472 368

Ing. Tomáš Němec

Tel.: +420 721 909 804

Ing. Michaela Němcová

Tel.: +420 776 667 323

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